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Southern France

Visiting France by campervan


One of the best things about travelling in a campervan is that you can park up anywhere you like! For us this has meant spending nights on cliff top car parks, next to lakes, on the side of country lanes amongst many other places and it means if your getting hungry and your driving you can just pull over, put the kettle on, make a sandwich then carry on when you’re done! When crossed the border from Spain back into France it was already getting dark so we decided to stop at the next nearest suitable place and the pictures here show the view we woke up to…

We visited many places in the South of France including Montpellier, the Carmargue (yes we did see wild white horses!), Avignon, St. Tropez, Nice, Monte-Carlo and Monaco but unfortunately for us it didn’t stop raining for about 7 days while we were there so we haven’t got many pictures of these places but never mind.

On our last day in France we were trying to find somewhere to park up for the night near to Monaco and suddenly found ourselves crossing the border into Italy and on the approach to a toll road with no prior warning! They charged us €3.60 just to drive on and off the toll road, probably all of half a mile if that…welcome to Italy we thought!

Ending this post I really recommend you goind down to Spain and visit Cádiz (My experience in Cadiz) because it´s just amazing, as France it is.

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Hiring a campervan in Seville?

If you are asking yourself this question, you should do it already. Let me explain myself, why should I need a campervan in Seville?
Is a city where you need a transport
The underground has just one line (http://www.metro-sevilla.es/en)
The freedom that gives you the campervan is huge
From one part to another [interesting] part you need transport

Need to know what can you see in Seville?
Take a look at: http://www.lonelyplanet.com/spain/seville/things-to-do/top-things-to-do-in-seville

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Cute campervan ever


Isn´t it beautiful? Whenever I see a campervan I just get in shock, but this time is different I have felt in love :D

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VW Campervan Inside Video

sunny 23 °C

Take a look to this VW campervan. Sometimes you just have the opportunity to see the inside of your "new temporary home" by pictures. But this time I bring you a video showing this:

This was actually what we did when we went to Spain, to Cadiz and we hired a campervan there (here is the post telling a little bit more about this experience: http://vanhiretripinspain.travellerspoint.com/7/

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My experience with a Campervan in Cadiz

sunny 23 °C

Hello everyone, here I am again to tell you a little bit about myself and my adventures. This time I am coming with some news, as you know I am from Spain (that´s why my english is sometimes a little bit strange or can not may sense) and I have done a nice travel by camper van in Cadiz, and it was one of my favorite experiences with a camper in Spain, ever.

But before I start telling you about my experience with a campervan in Cadiz I have to say I have a new Facebook account, page or profile.. However you say it. But it would be very nice if you guys follow me there, or like it... I will post stuff about cars, camper vans and so... The link


What camper van company I reccomend?

In Cádiz (in general in Adalusia) there are millions of camper vans companies, so you have to look for the best comparing other reviews, prices and cars. And it´s not easy with the amount of them, that is a very hard work but I think I found the best or one of them. The name is http://www.caracolvan.com/en and they are in Cadiz (and all the towns nerby) and Seville. It´s owner is very helpful and nice, and the company has so many camper vans to hire, and with al the facilities, so here is an option. Actually you can look for other one, if you are going to Málaga for exameple you will need to find other, because this one does not give you the camper there... That´s the reason I have told you guys is not easy to find the perfect camper van in Andalusia, but at least in Cádiz yes.

Here I live a picture about the VK camper I got for the trip I made:


The price it´s ok, a normal price actually. I mean the price is normal, not cheap but either expensive. But the quality of the camps is huge and the facilities is the best thing ever. So go for it.

Well... Once you have your camper van you just have to plan where d you want to go... So here is a plan:

First day Cádiz City: You can go to the beach (it has the bests beaches in Spain), and go to the old city center (Did you know Cadiz is the oldest city in all Europe? A M A Z I N G) or eat some tapas.

Second Day Puerto de Santa María and Puerto Real: The "Puertos" are some old places to visit, with something special you will feel in the enviorment.

Third day in Jerez: It´s actually the big "city" of Cadíz, even it´s a town. You will have more things to do there, even if you want to party, here is your option.

Last day, the "Whites Cadiz towns" (the one I trully recommend is Vejer de la Frontera): Just look at this:


And if you have more time you have to go to Algeciras, which is really close from Gibraltar (Gibraltar is the cheapest alcohol and tobacoo buying place in spain, but it´s from GB).

This is a summary about what you can day, or at least the days how you can distribute them to see as much as you can in the less time posible. But if you have less days, please leave a comment and tell me how would you want to do the things and I will give you my opinion.

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