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Camper van by Sintra



See this photo? This is what you can see if you go to a city like Sintra. Actually you can go there by bus ir train from Lisbon or everywhere in Spain. The thing is, if you have your own car or you rent a camper van, you will not have the freedom that a car gives you.

It´s actually an advice I´m giving you, because I was there 2 months ago and I saw the difficulty of walking and moving around all the city. The thing is, whenever you are there you will see you have to pay for bus or train a lot of money, so maybe it´s better if you hire a van.

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Travelling by Camp in Portugal

28 °C

Guauuuuuuu, what a experience and travel I just had with my girlfriend, I think I really love Portugal. I have seen things there that are really amazing and it makes me feel super. I just want you to see those pictures we took in Portugal.

But first let me teel you where have I been. I have been in the south of Portugal, which is nearby the spanish city of Huelva. I know my trip suppose to be in http://vanhiretripinspain.travellerspoint.com/, but I was so close to there (as I said was in Huelva that I decided to go there for 3 days) Those places like Portimao, Olhao, Sintra... Are normal cities but with so many years behind, and they also have some amazing beaches with a really good temperature.

I do not want to talk anymore, I just want to show you some pics I took:



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Why a van and no a car?

Hiring a Van, The best option?

-28 °C

What a question... You guys probably think this is a stupid question, but no it is not... Actually many people think about it, why should I rent a van instead of a car? If cars are cheaper, faster and many other good stuff... And you can not (normally) sleep in the car, but you can have a tent and travel with it, or just get some cheap hotels/hostels.

Ufff... sounds like hiring a van is quite a stupid thing, but no it is not, actually I had this doubt when i decided I wanted to travel around spain, and saw all the option, compared the prices and more and more, and you know what? Hiring a van is the best option...

Why? You live where you travel. I mean, there are no hotels in the middle of nowhere. So you can just sleep in your car, sleep in your tent or have a car house, which is our van jejeje

Well, that is the main reason, but not the only one, so what I will do is to share and tell you more experiences about it, and you will see why (at least in Spain) is the best option. This and whatever I one is what I will do with my blog.

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My first Post (Travelling in Spain)

sunny 33 °C

Well, this is my first post ever, I actually have to say I´m from Spain, but i want to start this blog publishing in english for many reasons, the main one is to share this amazing experience with everyone, because you`ll know that english is the most spoken language in the world (maybe it´s chinnese? What ever...). So I want to say sorry for my english, hope you understand my language is spanish (which actually is really spoken in the world lol)

Let´s focus... The goal of this blog is to share the beauty of spain travelling with a van, actually hiring a van in spain, just because I do not have enough money to buy one (fuck, those are expensive) and how beautiful and fun is to travel with a van aorund Spain.

Whit this I want to show you all guys, with just a van and some time you can see such a beautiful place like Spain, and visit big cities like Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, Seville and little amazing places like Cadiz (did you know is the oldest city in Europe?).

ANyway hope you guys keep following my adventures and crazy stories I will share.

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